Chairman’s message

We persistently Endeavour to improve classroom learning. To achieve this objective we innovate and improvise our approach each passing year.

This year onwards we have taken it upon ourselves to take classroom learning to a new level by introducing the latest methodology in education.

Our aspiration is to not only make students’ learning enjoyable and fruitful but be able to tap the students’ potential to the maximum so as to ensure an all-round development.

We have the best possible teaching methodology to ensure learning reinforcing and assimilating of concepts.


The present system of education is rigid system with emphasis on rote learning The curriculums are outdated with conventional teaching rote leaching tools There is dearth of quality teachers. However, LKISRC new tools of learning are used. The teachers are empowered and technology is used as a tool for learning Lot of emphasis is given on skill-based games and new teaching aids to excite and engage the child.


With the rolling out of this methodology we wish to develop an individual’s who is open minded, co-operative, principled, a decision maker, a critical thinker and has a globalized perspective.


 It goes without saying that project; excursions, home assignments, assessments and other such co-curricular activities will continue to remain our key focus. We would like to seek your cooperation in this context. Please encourage your child to involve himself/herself in the projects that he/she undertakes but only in the capacity of a facilitator.


Our system of imparting knowledge is child-centred. You child is the centre of all our activities and we understand it is the same with you. So, we are on a common mission of lending perfect shape to the personality and future of your Nard. Hence, we need to work in perfect unison towards the fruition of the same. This almanac plays a vital role in this direction. It is a communication link between the school and the home. Kindly spend of a few minutes to refer to the same every day.


Looking forward to getting your positive response and co-operation in all our future endeavors.