Winter season is here, and these colder days can give you a tough time. One will have to stay motivated and healthy during winter. This is so because one will have to be cautious and one’s immunity may take a hit during the winter season. It will be essential to beat the winter blues and stay fit and fine. Also Read –

The winter season is pleasing and exciting! But, the change in season can be bothersome and may rob your peace of mind. You will have to take utmost care of yourself as the weather outside will be cold. Dr. Jinendra Jain, Consultant Physician, Wockhardt Hospital shares his thoughts on how to stick to a proper exercise and diet routine, to stay in top shape and get through these chilling months swiftly.

· Get enough vitamin D: Yes, winter is all about cozying up at home but you shouldn’t miss the sunshine vitamin. You must just go out in the morning and try to soak up in the sun for at least 20 minutes. This will help you to keep your bones and muscles healthy. Moreover, that daily dose of vitamin D will allow you to perk-up your mood, and stay active during those chilly days.

· Layer it Up! This is one of the most vital things that you MUST keep in mind. Try wearing woolen clothes when you venture out of the house. See to it that you wear full-sleeved clothes.

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