Why Play Is Important in Preschool and Early

Play is an important part of a child’s early development. Playing helps young children’s brains to develop and for their language and communication skills to mature.

It’s Time to Think Differently About Homeschooling

It’s Time To Think Differently About Homeschooling. The widespread impact of COVID-19 on the world is forcing everyone to reconsider–well, everything.

4 Steps to Quality Training in Times of Urgency

With COVID-19 forcing more and more training online, L&D departments are inundated with urgent requests for training. In trying to meet these demands with what might seem to be suddenly inadequate resources..

Blended Learning Resources for Teachers

A Working Model for Blended Learning in an Urban School, by Nicholas Donohue (2014)After two years of blended learning, a low-performing high school became one of the country’s best. Read about how they shifted the learning, teaching, and culture.

Online Learning Can Prepare Students For Fast-Changing

Create an online learning environment that is safe and adequately reflects student’s expectations. Students who are new or suspicious of online learning need preparation and the right mindset to succeed. This is why setting the right tone, constant virtual presence, and easy-to-find course expectations, clearly outlining course structure


Winter season is here, and these colder days can give you a tough time. One will have to stay motivated and healthy during winter. This is so because one will have to be cautious and one’s immunity may take a hit during the winter season.